Handcrafting for legends since 1970

Welcome to the world of Pallas, where tuxedos have been made with care and savoir-faire for upwards of 50 years. A tuxedo – Le Smoking – is a garment rooted in the tradition of tailoring : construction, fit and style in perfect balance.
Today, under the direction of Adrienne Smith, Pallas takes this mastery and reimagines it with contemporary flair.
Pallas began in 1970 as a family business.
Over two generations, they maintained the practice of “prêt-à-couture” – pieces crafted individually and finished by hand – and such rarefied expertise attracted the attention of leading luxury maisons seeking prototype manufacturing.
By 2015, realising the potential to bring such impeccable tailoring to a wider audience, they launched as a Pallas collection of tuxedos and tuxedo-inspired pieces made entirely in Paris. It soon became a destination for celebrities and stylists seeking that emblematic look with an impeccable fit.

“I love the idea of a tuxedo being sophisticated yet cool, empowering of course, but most of all feminine and versatile, that you can wear from morning to evening and all night until the early hours !”

Adrienne Smith

From the heart of the historic garment district, the atelier remains a place of magic. Here tuxedo silhouettes are outlined on paper patterns, developed as prototypes and realised as fabulous garments without compare.
Where bolts of beautiful fabrics and boxes of tools and trimmings are stacked floor to ceiling, lining shelves and filling corners.
Where archive clippings and vintage keepsakes are the backdrop for a team that breathes life into every piece they create.
Adrienne is dedicated to preserving craftmanship as a wearable vision with a bolder attitude. She and her team are excited to shift our perception of the tuxedo : beyond evening, beyond formal, beyond masculine.
This collection blends Pallas’ past and present, as she delved into the archives to select the most iconic, chic and modern shapes of jackets, trousers and coats, which were then revisited as updated, versatile silhouettes.
In classic tones but also with a few unexpected hues and surface treatments, the offering casts the  tuxedo in a new, yet time-honoured light.

Formally informal, informally formal. Day-to-night, night-to-day. Every day.